TECLIS lab’ offers various services to its customers.

TECLIS has a wide range of foam analysis and tensiometry devices.


Our devices are used to generate foam in different ways and analyze its properties.
Different generations are:

Mechanical agitation
Injection of liquid jet

Our device can measure:
Debit gas injected
– Volume of foam
– Volume of liquid
Liquid fraction (Drainage)

A powerful software is used and allows us to calculate many parameters such as:

  • Foam density
  • Capacity of the foam
  • conductance
  • Stability of the foam and the liquid
  • Distribution of bubbles and their size
  • Index Bikerman
  • Expansion coefficient
  • Foaming power

Our main tensiometry unit allows determination in the actual conditions of the dynamic surface or interfacial tension and rheological properties of the interfaces between two fluids.
(Liquid / liquid or liquid / gas). It can also determine the dynamic contact angle between a liquid and a solid.
The monitor is used to measure various parameters such as:

  • Surface Tension
  • Interfacial Tension
  • CMC
  • Exchange Phase (or drop in the bowl)
  • Cell pressure
  • Contact angle
  • Angle approached / down
  • Coefficient of rigidity
  • Module viscoelastic (Swing)
  • Surface elasticity
  • Viscosity

Many adaptation are possible, such as pressurizing the cell, and / or make temperature rise