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A comparative kinetic study on human pancreatic and Thermomyces lanuginosa lipases: Inhibitory effects of tetrahydrolipstatin in the presence of lipid substrates
Adsorption of polar lipids at the water-oil interface
Adsorption kinetics of hydrophobic polysoaps at the methylene chloride–water interface
Apolipoprotein B is conformationally flexible but anchored at a triolein water interface A possible model for lipoprotein surfaces
Assessing the potential of flaxseed protein as an emulsifier combined with whey protein isolate
Automated, High-Resolution Micropipet Aspiration Reveals New Insight into the Physical Properties of Fluid Membranes
Confinement of DNA in Water-in-Oil Microemulsions
Cytoplasmic wax ester accumulation during biofilm-driven substrate assimilation at the alkaneewater interface by Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus SP17
Design of targeted lipid nanocapsules by conjugation of whole antibodies and antibody Fab’ fragments
Different ways for grafting ester derivatives of poly(ethylene glycol) onto chitosan: related characteristics and potential properties
Dilational rheology and relaxation properties of the adsorption layers of electrostatic complexes between eudragit RS and chitosan sulfate at the methylene chloride-water interface
Dilational viscoelasticity and relaxation properties of interfacial electrostatic complexes between oppositely charged hydrophobic and hydrophilic polyelectrolytes
Effect of H2O-CO2 Organization on Ovalbumin Adsorption
Foam stabilized by dispersed surfactant solid and lamellar liquid crystal in aqueous systems of diglycerol fatty acid esters
Formulation of sustained release nanoparticles loaded with a tripentone, a new anticancer agent
Impact of bulk and surface properties of some bilcompatible hydrophobic polymers on the stability of methylene chloride-in-water mini-emulsions used to prepare nanoparticles by emulsification-solven evaporation
Influence of different combinations of wall materials and homogenisation pressure on the microencapsulation of green coffee oil by spray drying
Influence of some formulation parameters on lysozyme adsorption and on its stability in solution
Interfacial properties of adsorbed films made of a PEG2000 and PLA50 mixture or a copolymer at the dichloromethane–water interface
Interfacial Properties of a Complex Multi-Domain 490 Amino Acid Peptide Derived from Apolipoprotein B (Residues 292-782)
Interfacial properties of amphipathic ß strand consensus peptides of apolipoprotein B at oil water interfaces
Interfacial properties of an amphipathic a-helix consensus peptide of exchangeable apolipoproteins at air/water and oil/water interfaces -I
Interfacial properties of an amphipathic -helix consensus peptide of exchangeable apolipoproteins at air/water and oil/water interfaces-II
Interfacial properties of oleosins and phospholipids from rapeseed for the stability of oil bodies in aqueous medium
Interfacial rheology as a tool to study the potential of cyclodextrin polymers to stabilize oil–water interfaces
Methods for lipase detection and assay acritical review (CNRS-Marseille)
Membrane surface functionalization via theophylline derivative coating and streptavidin immobilization
Oil drop tensiometer_Applications for studying the kinetics of lipase action
Rheological model for the study of dilational properties of monolayers,comportment of DPPC at the DCM water interface under Ramp Type or sinusoidal perturbations
Rheological Study of Lysozyme and PEG2000 at the Air-Water and dichloromethane-water interfaces under ramp type or sinusoidal perturbations
Rheological studies in the bulk and at the interface of Pickering oil/water emulsions
Specific sequences in the N and C termini of apolipoprotein A-IV modulate its conformation and lipid association
Structure and dynamic interfacial properties of the lipoprotein initiating domain apolipoprotein B
The application of a high throughput analysis method for the screening of potential biosurfactants from natural sources
The influence of headgroup structure and fatty acyl chain saturation of phospholipids on monolayer behavior a comparative rheological study
The interfacial properties of apoA-I and an amphipathic -helix consensus peptide of exchangeable apolipoproteins at the triolein water interface
Thermodynamic and dynamic interfacial properties of binary carbon dioxide-water systems
An attempt to the understanding on the mechanism of film formation of a bituminous emulsion on mineral substrate
Mesures de la tension interfacial des bitumes à haute température avec un tensiomètre à goutte
Interfacial tension measurements of bitumen at high temperature using a drop tensiometer
Interfacial Tension of Bitumen-Water Interfaces. Part 1 Influence of endogenous surfactants at Acidic PH
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Adhesion between chemically heterogeneous switchable polymeric brushes and an elastomeric adhesive
Dyes separation by means of cross-flow ultrafiltration of micellar solutions
Dynamics of nonionic surfactant-rich phase separation and recovery of dyes
Foam and interfacial properties of Tween 20–bovine serum albumin systems
Foam properties and stabilizing mechanism of sodium fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate-welan gum composite systems
Impact of surfactant composition and surfactant structure on foam control performance
Interfacial dilational properties of tri-substituted alkyl benzene sulfonates at air/water and decane/water interfaces
Interfacial Rheological Properties of a Series of Bolaamphiphilic
Interfacial rheological studies of gelatin-sodium dodecyl sulfate complexes adsorbed at the air-water interface
Laminar jet dispersion and jet atomization in pressurized carbon dioxide
Measuring phase distribution using external thermal excitation
Modelling transport phenomena in a flotation de-inking column: Focus on gas flow, pulp and froth retention time
Relations between physicochemical properties and instability of decontamination foams
Stability mechanisms of liquid water-in-oil emulsions
Surface dilational rheological and foam properties of aromatic side chained N-acyltaurate amphiphiles
Two novel solvent system compositions for protected synthetic peptide purification by centrifugal partition chromatography
Ultrafiltration of colloidal solutions containing L,D-phenylalanine, trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline and their copper complexes
Wetting kinetics study of modifier polyimide surfaces containing ionizable functional groups
Adhesion to solid surfaces of gels of iota–carrageenan alone or in mixture with casein
Adsorption of hydrophobically modified anionic starch at oppositely charged oil water interfaces
Application of oral tissue in tribological measurements in an emulsion perception context
Bulk self-aggregation drives foam stabilization properties of whey protein microgels
Characterisation by drop tensionmetry and by ellipsometry of the adsorption layer formed at the airchampagne wine interface
Design of double emulsions by osmotic pressure tailoring
Effect of bulk viscosity and surface tension kinetics on structure of foam generated at the pilot scale
Effect of formulation and processing factors on the properties of liquid food foams
Effect of fluorescent labeling of ß-lactoglobulin on film and interfacial properties in relation to confocal fluorescence microscopy
Effects Of Residual Phospholipids On Surface Properties Of A Soft-Refined Sunflower Oil: Application To Stabilization Of Sauce-Types’ Emulsions
Effect of time on the Interfacial and foaming Properties of B-lactogllobulin acacia gum electrostatic complexes and coacervates at PH4.2
Effect of high pressure homogenisation on methylcellulose as food emulsifier
Emulsification and Adsorption Properties of Hydrophobically Modified Potato and Barley Starch
Formulation engineering can improve the interfacial and foaming properties of soy globulins
Hydrocolloids from coffee physicochemical and functional properties of an arabinogalactan–protein fraction from green beans
Identifying changes in chemical, interfacial and foam properties of ß-lactoglobulin–sodium dodecyl sulphate mixtures
Importance of the maragoni effect in the foaming of hot oil with phospholipids
Improved emulsion stability by succinylation of patatin is caused by partial unfolding rather than charge effects
Influence of surface properties and bulk viscosity on bubble size prediction during foaming operation
Interactions between hen egg-white lysozyme, PEG2,000, and PLA50 at the air–water interface
Investigation of emulsifying properties and emulsion stability of plant and milk proteins using interfacial tension and interfacial elasticity
Layers of macromolecules at the champagne air interface and the stability of champagne bubbles
Macromolécules tensio-avtives et moussantes extraites de la betterave sucrière
Quantitative description of the parameters affecting the adsorption behaviour of globular proteins
Reconsidering the importance of interfacial properties in foam stability
Relaxation Processes of PGPR at the Water/Oil Interface Inferred by Oscillatory or Transient Viscoelasticity Measurements
Surface and foaming properties of polyoxyethylene glycerol ester surfactants
Surface Layer Properties of Dough Liquor Components are they key parameters in gas retention in bread dough
Surface rheological properties of hydroxypropyl cellulose at air-water interface
Viscoelastic properties of oil-water interfaces covered by bovine B-casein tryptic peptides
Adsorption and Molecular Rearrangement of Amphoteric Species at Oil-Water Interface
A study of dilational rheological properties of polymers at interfaces
CO2 water interfacial tensions under pressure and temperature conditions of CO2 geological storage
Dilatational elasticity moduli of water-crude oil interfaces using the oscillationg pentant drop
Dynamic Asphaltene-Resin Exchange at the OilWater Interface Time-Dependent WO Emulsion Stability for AsphalteneResin model oils
Dynamic surface properties of Asphaltenes and Resins at the oil-air interface
Effect of Added Surfactants in Enhanced Alkaline/Heavy Oil System
Elastic properties of crude oilwater interface in presence of polymeric emulsion breakers
Heavy Oil-Water Interfacial Properties and Emulsion Stability: Influence of Dilution
Influence of PH on dynamic properties of asphaltenes and surfactants at the oil water interface
Influence of the salinity on the interfacial properties of a Brazilian crude oil–brine systems
Interfacial Films of Diluted Heavy Oil–Aqueous Systems at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures: Effect of Reverse Emulsion Breakers
Mass Transfer between Crude Oil and Water. Part 2: Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Benzenesulfonate for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Properties of a Two-Dimensional Asphaltene Network at the water cyclohexane interface deduced from dynamic tensiometry
Rheology of Asphaltene-Toluene Water Interfaces
Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Crude Oil Emulsions: Structure of the Oil-Water Interfaces
Water acid gas interfacial tensions and their impact on acid gas geological storage
Water-in-Model Oil Emulsions Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering: Interfacial Film Thickness and Composition
A New Oil-Associative Polymer for Stabilizing Inverse Emulsions: Strategy, Synthesis, and Physicochemical Properties
Adsorption properties of oligo(fluorooxetane)-b-poly(ethylene oxide)- b-oligo(fluorooxetane) triblock copolymers at the air–water interface: Comparison of hydroxyl and acetate end groups
Aggregation behavior of block polyethers with branched structure at air/water surface
Amphiphilic derivatives of dextran Adsorption at airwater and oilwater interfaces
Aqueous foam stabilized by hydrophobically modified cellulose and alkyl polyoxyethyl sulfate complex in the presence and absence of electrolytes
Aqueous foams stabilized by hexylamine-modified Laponite particles
Dilational viscoelasticity of the adsorption layers of hydrophobically modified chitosans
Dynamic Interfacial Tension at the Oil/Surfactant-Water Interface
Dynamic Surface Tension and Dilational Viscoelasticity of Adsorption Layers of a Hydrophobically Modified Chitosan
Dynamic surface tension and dilational viscoelasticity of adsorption layers of alkylated chitosans and surfactant-chitosan complexes
Dynamic surface tension of hydrophobically modified chitosans
Effect of Binding of an Oligomeric Cationic Fluorosurfactant on the Dilational Rheological Properties of Gelatin Adsorbed at the Air-Water Interface
Effect of electrolyte concertration onthe dynamic surface tension and dilational viscoelasticity of adsorption layers of chitosan and dodecyl chitosan
Functional biohybrid materials synthesized via surface-initiated MADIX/RAFT polymerization from renewable natural wood fiber: Grafting of polymer as non leaching preservative
Hierarchical Adsorption of Network-Forming Associative Polymers
Highly Structured Foams from Chitosan Gels
Hydroxypropylmethylcelluloseeb-lactoglobulin mixtures at the oilewater interface. Bulk, interfacial and emulsification behavior as affected by pH
Influence of concentration and ionic strength on the adsorption kinetics of gelatin at the air/water interface
Influence of polymer end-chemistry on the morphology of perfluorohexane polymeric microcapsules intended as ultrasound contrast agents
Interaction of Polymer and Surfactant at the Air-Water Interface: Poly(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate) and Sodium Dodecyl sulfate
Interfacial dilational viscoelastic properties of polycrylamide solutions
Interfacial measurements for laboratory evaluation of kinetic hydrate inhibitors
Interfacial Rheological Properties of a Series of bolaamphiphilic poly(fluorooxetane)s
Microfluidic Platform for the Generation of Organic-Phase Microreactors
Organization of ‘‘Pullulan’’-block-polyether copolymers at the aqueous solution/air interface
Physicochemical properties of cross-linked and acetylated starches and products of their hydrolysis in continuous recycle membrane reactor
Polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs) with the ionic liquid (IL) Aliquat 336 as extractant: Effect of base polymer and IL concentration on their physical–chemical and elastic characteristics
Preparation and characterization of copper patterns on polyethylenimine-modified flexible substrates
Rupture of a Two-Dimensional Alkane Crystal
Selective separation of polymer mixtures by 'bubble-flotation chromatography'
Site-selective metallization of polymeric substrates by thehyperbranched polymer templates
Synthesis, Characterization, and Interfacial Properties of an oilgomeric, cationic fluorooxetane
Unique self-assembly behavior of a triblock copolymer and fabrication of catalytically active gold nanoparticle/polymer thin films at the liquid/liquid interface
Bulk and interfacial behaviour of caseinoglycomacropeptide (GMP)
Compression expansion rheology of oil water interfaces with adsorbed proteins. Comparaison with the air water surface
Cross Linking and Rheological Characterization of Adsorbed Protein
Dilatational properties of soy globulin adsorbed films at the air–water interface from acidic solutions
Dynamic and rheological properties of classic and macromolecular surfactant at the supercritical CO2–H2O interface
Dynamic surface tension and surface dilatational elasticity properties of mixed surfactant protein systems
Effect of apolar phase dielectric constant on interfacial properties of ß-lactoglobulin (dielectric constant and interfacial properties of ß-lactoglobulin)
Effect of fluorescent labeling of ß-lactoglobulin on film and interfacial properties in relation to confocal fluorescence microscopy
Effect of high methoxyl pectin on pea protein in aqueous solution and at oil/water interface
Effect of limited hydrolysis of soy protein on the interactions with polysaccharides at the air–water interface
Emulsion-Templated Fully Reversible Protein-in-Oil Gels
Formation of conjugates between b-lactoglobulin and allyl isothiocyanate: Effect on protein heat aggregation, foaming and emulsifying properties
Functional properties of whey proteins as affected by dynamic high-pressure treament
Interactions between poly(ethylene glycol) and protein in dichloromethane/water emulsions: A study of interfacial properties
Interactions between poly(ethylene glycol) and protein in dichloromethane/water emulsions. 2. Conditions required to obtain spontaneous emulsification allowing the formation of bioresorbable poly(D,L lactic acid) microparticles
Interactions in the aqueous phase and adsorption at the air–water interface of caseinoglycomacropeptide (GMP) and ß-lactoglobulin mixed systems
Interfacial and foaming properties of soy protein and their hydrolysates
Interfacial Behavior of N-NitrosodiethylamineBovine Serum Albumin Complexes at the Air-Water and the Chloroform-Water Interfaces by Axisymmetric Drop Tensiometry
Interfacial dynamic properties of whey protein concentrate/polysaccharide mixtures at neutral pH
Kinetics of Formation and Functional Properties of Conjugates Prepared by Dry-State Incubation of â-Lactoglobulin/Acacia Gum Electrostatic Complexes
Lipases at Interfaces: Unique Interfacial Properties as Globular Proteins
Milk whey proteins and xanthan gum interactions in solution and at the air-water interface. A rheokinetic study
Oilwater surface rheological properties of hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) alone and mixed with lecithin Contribution to emulsion stability
Soy protein–polysaccharides interactions at the air–water interface
The effect of enzymatic treatment of a sunflower protein isolate on the rate of adsorption at the air–water interface
Use of polysaccharides to control protein adsorption to the air–water interface
Viscoelastic properties of acid milk gel as affected by fat nature at low level
Viscoelastic properties of acid milk gel as affected by fat nature at low level
Whey Protein Soluble Aggregates from Heating with NaCl: Physicochemical, Interfacial, and Foaming Properties
Acoustic mixer using low frequency vibration for biological and chemical applications
Acute sensitivity of activated sludge bacteria to erythromycin
Adsorption–desorption kinetics of surfactants at liquid surfaces
Amphiphilic carbonaceous material-intervened solvothermal synthesis of LiFePO4
Aqueous foam stabilized by hydrophobically modified silica particles and liquid paraffin droplets
Aqueous foam stabilized by dispersed surfactant solid and lamellar liquid crystalline phase
Aqueous foam stabilized by plate-like particles in the presence of sodium butyrate
A Systematic and Quantitative Study of the Link between Foam Slipping and Interfacial Viscoelasticity
Bubble Formation Dynamics in Various Flow-Focusing Microdevices
Characterization of Emulsification at Flat Microchannel Y Junctions
Competition between Lipases and Monoglycerides at Interfaces
Controlled electrochemical gas bubble release from electrodes entirely and partially covered with hydrophobic materials
Deborah number for the viscoelasticity of adsorption layers of amphiphilic polyelectrolytes
Decanoate conversion layer with improved corrosion protection for magnesium alloy
Decontamination of solid substrates using supercritical carbon dioxide-application with trade hydrocarbonated surfactants
Development of Casein Microgels from Cross-Linking of Casein Micelles by Genipin
Different Surface Corrugations Occurring During Drainage of Axisymmetric Thin Liquid Films
Dilational Properties of Tri-substituent SodiumAlkyl Benzene Sulfonates with Different Structures at the Air/Water and Decane/Water Interfaces
Dilational surface rheology studies of n-dodecyl-ß-D-maltoside, hexaoxyethylene dodecyl ether, and their 1:1 mixture
Dynamic Interfacial Tension Measurements with Microfluidic Y-Junctions
Effect of Amino Acids on Aggregation Behaviors of Sodium Deoxycholate at Air/Water Surface: Surface Tension and Oscillating Bubble Studies
Effect of bulk viscosity and surface tension kinetics on structure of foam generated at the pilot scale
Effect of calcium salts and surfactant concentration on the stability of water-in-oil (w/o) emulsions prepared with polyglycerol polyricinoleate
Ellipsometry Studies of Nonionic Surfactant Adsorption at the Oil-Water Interface
Etude de l'effet weissenberg microscopique par micro-PIV
Flow rate dependency of critical wall shear stress in a radial-flow cell
Gibbs elasticity, surface dilational modulus and diffusional relaxation in nonionic surfactant monolayers
Influence of clay addition on the properties of olive oil in water emulsions
Interface Composition of Multiple Emulsions: Rheology as a Probe
Interfacial Behavior of Catanionic Surfactants
Interfacial layer-layer interpolyelectrolyte complex formation studied by flow dilational rheometry
Limits of oscillation frequencies in drop and bubble shape tensiometry
Lyotropic liquid crystal behaviour of azelate and succinate monoester surfactants based on fragrance alcohols
Micellar enhanced ultrafiltration of nitrobenzene and 4-nitrophenol
Modification of a Nafion membrane by n-dodecyltrimethylammonium cation inclusion for potential application in DMFC
Oscillating bubble measurements of the compression viscoelasticity of mixed surfactant–polyelectrolyte surface layers
pH-Controlled Microbubble Shell Formation and Stabilization
Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by a Lipophilic Surfactant and Hydrophilic Platelike Particles
Polycondensation in tetradecaethoxyhexasiloxane adsorption layers at the methylene chloride/water interface under alkaline conditions: application to the formulation of hollow microcapsules
Polydopamine Films from the Forgotten Air/Water Interface
Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Microgels at the Oil-Water Interface: Interfacial Properties as a Function of Temperature
Prediction of emulsion drop size distributions with population balance equation models of multiple drop breakage
Preparation, amphiphilic properties and lyotropic phase behaviour of new surfactants based on sodium monoalkyl dicarboxylates
Preparation and Rheological Properties of Emulsion Gels
Properties of polyethylene glycol 660 12-hydroxy stearate at a triglyceride/water interface
Removal of methylene blue from waste water using micellar enhanced ultrafiltration
Self-Assembled Monolayers of Bisphosphonates: Influence of Side Chain Steric Hindrance
Silicone/vegetable oil Janus emulsion: Topological stability versus interfacial tensions and relative oil volumes
Stability mechanisms of liquid water-in-oil emulsions
Synthesis, Characterization, and Unusual Surface Activity of a Series of Novel Architecture, Water-Dispersible Poly(fluorooxetane)s
Synthesis of 1-octadecyl 5-betainylamino-5-deoxy-b-D-fructopyranoside hydrochloride as a new long-chain cationic sugar-based surfactant
Synthesis, physico-chemical properties and complexing abilities of new amphiphilic ligands from D-galacturonic acid
A comparative kinetic study on human pancreatic and Thermomyces lanuginosa lipases: Inhibitory effects of tetrahydrolipstatin in the presence of lipid substrates