TRACKER™ Automatic Drop Tensiometer

for Surface Tension & Interfacial Rheology Study

Tensiometers are used in research, development and quality control to study the properties of interfaces between immiscible fluids. Our range of automatic drop tensiometers TRACKER™ helps you characterize, easily and precisely surfaces & interfaces properties. Measurements provide valuable data, saving time and money in formulating products.

Powerful Image Analysis Software

TRACKER™ software uses algorithms to analyze the drop's profile and to fit it with models based on the Young-Laplace equation in order to determine surface tension, interfacial tension or contact angle.

Laplace Young schema.png
Laplace Young schema2.png

Full range of measurements

TRACKER™ determines the dynamic interfacial tension between two immiscible fluids by performing a numerical analysis of the shape of a pendant or rising drop or bubble. 

Characteristics measured

  • Surface tension (liquid/gas)

  • Interfacial tension (liquid/liquid)

  • Contact angle (liquid/solid)

  • Dynamic contact angle

  • Interfacial Dilatational Rheology

    • Viscoelastic modulus

    • Coefficient of rigidity

  • Automatic CMC

  • Temperature & Pressure

Smart Modular Design

TRACKER™ is adaptable and allows you to choose one or more modules that fit better to your applications 

  • Phase exchange

  • Piezoelectric cell for higher frequency oscillation

  • Pressure sensor to measure Laplace pressure in the bubble

  • Automatic CMC

  • Pressure Cell 200°C/200bar

For Lots of Applications...

Crude oil: emulsion stability for separation,influence of surfactants for EOR, dynamic contact angle between oil/rock/liquid phases.

Cosmetics: emulsion stability, formulation, dynamic contact angle between container/emulsion.

Food: stability of emulsion before getting frozen (ice cream), influence of proteins, sugar or alcohol impact on the bubbles' size.

Bitumen: wettability, emulsion properties at different temperatures, dynamic contact angle.

Fuel formulation: characterization of the coalescence of an emulsion, wettability.

Lubricant: contact angle between lubricant/material, influence of surfactants on the wettability

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TRACKER™ modules

Pendant or Rising drop

Measurements overview

Sessile drop

Measurements overview

Measurement overview.png

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

TRACKER™ measurements overview