Expert in Interface Science & Designer of Experiments

Who we are

TECLIS Scientific is a leading French instrumentation company with roots in Lyon area. Our customers are R&D centers operating in Life Science, Energy, Chemicals, Food and Cosmetics industries, as well as academic and governmental Research Institutes.

What we do

For more than 25 years we have been providing innovative measuring solutions to characterize foams, emulsions and to study colloids interfaces properties: surface tensions, interfacial rheology, CMC, surfactants behavior, surface energy, wettability, foamability, coalescence….

For more than 25 years we have been collaborating with academic and industrial researchers

leading to market innovative measuring instruments and software

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Why Choose TECLIS Scientific


We are experts in Interface Science


Our team of Ingeniors and PhDs in Physics, chemistry and Biology, is dedicated to support academic and industrial research, leading to better understand Interface Science in their applications.

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We ensure 100% reliable & repeatable measurements

Our advanced software technology, based on image-analysis, provides a complete range of data and measurements.

We design smart-modular instruments


We provide a full range of solutions from laboratory services to standard and customized analytical instruments.

We develop our distribution network to be closer to your needs

More than 150 customers already use our measuring instruments, in 45 different countries.

Our Laboratory and Plant


Our main Laboratory is located at TECLIS Scientific Headquarters close to Lyon, France.

TECLIS has also an historical and privileged partnership with the CNRS. TECLIS collaborates regularly with CNRS laboratories, thus benefits from pluri-disciplinar and multi-cultural research environment.


TECLIS' instruments are manufactured by MGA Technologies, french company specializes in automated and robotized solutions for industries.

TECLIS workshop is located within MGA facilities close to Lyon, France. TECLIS' instruments are manufactured in a workshop dedicated to medical devices and certified ISO-13485.

TECLIS' instruments are 100% made in France.