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TRACKER™ HTHP - high temperature and pressure 

Up to 200°C / 700 bar

TRACKER™ HTHP has been designed to characterize surface properties, measure superficial or interfacial tensions,contact angle and study interfacial rheology for most demanding applications.

TRACKER™ HTHP can measure under a temperature up to 200°C and a pressure up to 700 bar. High pressure cell’s design has been certified by CETIM (Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques)

TRACKER™ HTHP measures:

  • Interfacial tension (Liquid/Liquid), superficial tension (Liquid/Gas), contact angle (Liquid/Solid)

  • Rising or pendant drop

  • sessile drop or captive bubble

  • Drop volume/Area regulation

  • Dilatational Interfacial rheology / viscoelastic modulus

  • Nonexplosive gas and Supercritical CO₂


  • EOR

  • Supercritical CO₂

  • Petroleum, bitumen experiments

  • Smelt polymer

  • Contact angle under pressure

  • Compatible with methane

FOAMSCAN™ HTMP - Foam generation by Gas Injection - 120 °C / 8 bar

The FOAMSCAN HTMP works at a temperature up to 120°C and a pressure up to 8 bar.


  • Oil & Gas

  • Effect of the foam under pressure and temperature

  • Efficiency of the surfactant to create Foam in difficult conditions (EOR)

  • Liquide saturated with gas under pressure: Beer, soda, champagne

  • shaving foams and pressurized foams

  • Oil & gas

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