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Food & Beverages


  • Microgels at an oil-water interface - Correlation with emulsions properties

  • Emulsifying properties and stabilizing effect of plant and milk proteins

  • Incorporation of Hibiscus extract microparticles in yogurt

  • Probing the rheological properties of PGPR at oil/water interface

  • Interface building shell-shell structure

  • Sequential adsorption in emulsions stabilized with plant-dairy protein blends

Food & Beverages


  • Adsorption of polar lipids at the water-oil interface

  • Effect of oil type on network formation by protein aggregates

  • Characteristics of polyglycerol ester

Food & Beverages


  • oil in water/water in oil capsules

Nourriture saine
Food & Beverages


  • Quinoa proteins emulsifying properties

  • Effect of temperature on ovalbumin-stabilized foams

  • Effect of surfactants on the foaming properties of proteins

  • Properties of rice protein ingredients

  • Effect of long fibrils and peptides on the foaming behavior of soy protein 

  • Effect of protein-surfactant interaction on the foaming properties of soy solutions

  • behavior of plant-dairy protein blends

Food & Beverages


  • Interfacial properties of beer-air interfaces

  • Crema-Formation, stabilization, sensation

  • Foaming properties of bovine whey

  • Effect of the drying process on the properties of mango powder

Food & Beverages


  • Interfacial properties /foaming properties relationship of low molecular weight surfactant

  • coalescence of bubbles covered by non-ionic surfactants

  • Protein/surfactant interactions, effect on the interfacial properties

Food & Beverages


  • Improving the foaming properties of whey protein concentrates

  • Interfacial properties,  films dynamics and bulk rheology in dairy protein foams

  • Effect of the complexation between sodium caseinate and gallic acid on the interfacial and foaming properties

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