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Plate-forme pétrolière
Oil & Gas


  • Effect of coal fly ash nanoparticle-stabilized-foam on Oil recovery

  • Magnetic graphene oxide and auxiliary microwaves to enhance oil recovery

  • Foam-Assisted Chemical Flooding for EOR

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Aqueous CO2 Foam

  • Foam sealing capacity on fractured reservoirs

Les travailleurs de l'usine à gaz
Oil & Gas


  • Interactions of crude stabilizers with demulsifiers under desalting conditions

  • dissolved-state paraffins on the aggregation state of asphaltenes

  • Effect of resins and asphaltenes

  • Effect of the aggregation state of asphaltenes

  • precipitation modes of paraffin wax in
    water-in-model-oil emulsions

  • Polarity effects of asphaltene subfractions

services de pompage
Oil & Gas


  • key physicochemical properties of diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blends

  • Remediation of crude oil-contaminated soil

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