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Benefit from TECLIS scientific expertise platform

Take advantage of our 25+ years of industrial and academic experience in surface and interface science.

Whether you want to improve your emulsifiers, need to know how much surfactant is optimal to prevent denaturing during protein processing, just want some accurate surface energy values for your surfaces, or have any other surface/interface related problems


Our staff is dedicated to getting you accurate, pertinent, and timely data no matter how large or small your project. So, whether you only need a single surface tension, contact angle, or critical micelle concentration value, or you have an in-depth project or challenging questions : let us be your support. 


Our Services Platform will provide you with scientific expertise to elaborate proof of concepts

and designs of experiment;  and perform for you measurements and studies.

Tensiometry Laboratory services

Foam study Laboratory services

  • Surface Tension / Interfacial Tension

  • Static & Dynamic Contact angle

  • Adsorption Kinetics

  • Interfacial rheology

  • Surface elasticity / Viscosity

  • Coefficient of rigidity

  • CMC

  • Phase exchange at constant volume

  • Temperature up to 200°C

  • Pressure up to 200 bar

Foamscan™ - Foam generation by Gas Injection
  • Foam volume

  • Liquid volume

  • Liquid fraction (drainage)

  • Foam density

  • Foam stability

  • Foamability

  • Foaming capacity

  • Bubbles size and distribution

  • Bikerman Index

  • Expansion coefficient

  • Temperature up to 90°C

Our range of Technical Services ensures that you benefit

from the maximum life and performance of your instruments



We want you to use your instrument with maximum efficiency and expert knowledge. We provide training to your staff from day one and support them along their experiments.


We want you to keep the precision and reliability of your instrument at the same high level in the long term. We will maintain, adjust and calibrate it as part of regular service visits


Anytime you face any technical issues and rely on a quick solution? We will provide direct support from screen to screen.


Are you confronted with a failure of your instrument, or do you want to move it, recommission it or train new staff to use it? We will respond quickly and flexibly with our on-site service.

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