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Automatic Drop Tensiometer & Dilatational Interfacial Rheometer

The Most Powerful and Versatile Drop Tensiometer / Dilatational Interfacial Rheometer for your laboratory.

TRACKER is the only drop shape analysis technics that measures surface / interfacial tension, interfacial rheology and adsorption kinetics with a precise control of the drop / bubble volume, fully driven by the software, making a powerful tool:

  • To understand the behaviour of molecules and their interactions at interfaces,

  • To measure the hydrophobic/hydrophilic character of surfaces,

  • To Discriminate the foaming and emulsifying properties of surface active molecules.

Among other scientific parameters, Surface / Interfacial tension and dilatational interfacial rheology are key data  to characterize surface active molecules, to optimize the stability of formulations, to improve the performance of industrial processes, to check the quality of ingredients.

TRACKER™ Automatic Drop Tensiometer determines the dynamic surface / interfacial tension between two immiscible fluids by performing a numerical analysis of the profile of a drop or bubble (Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis)

Tracker-S automatic drop tensiometer.png

TRACKER™ Standard Drop Tensiometer

Full range of measurements

  • Pendant drop or bubble

  • Rising drop or bubble

  • Sessile drop

  • Captive drop or bubble

  • Temperature

  • Pressure

  • Surface tension (liquid/gas)

  • Interfacial tension (liquid/liquid)

  • Adsorption/desorption kinetics

  • Contact angle (liquid/solid)

  • Dynamic contact angle

  • Interfacial Dilatational Rheology

  • Viscoelastic modulus

  • Coefficient of rigidity

  • Automatic CMC

Drop Shape Analysis

TRACKER™ software uses algorithms to analyze the drop's profile and to fit it with models based on the Young-Laplace equation in order to determine surface tension, interfacial tension or contact angle.

Laplace Young schema.png
Laplace Young schema2.png

Smart Modular Design

  • Phase exchange

  • Piezoelectric cell for higher frequency oscillation

  • Pressure sensor to measure Laplace pressure in the bubble

  • Automatic CMC

  • Pressure Cell 200°C/200bar

Crude oil: emulsion stability for separation, influence of surfactants for EOR, dynamic contact angle between oil/rock/liquid phases.

Cosmetics: Foam/emulsion stability, formulation, dynamic contact angle.

Pharmaceuticals: encapsulation, gas solubility, emulsion stability.

Food: Food foams properties, stability of frozen emulsion (ice cream), influence of proteins, sugar or alcohol impact on the bubbles' size.

Fuel & Bitumen: wettability, emulsion properties , dynamic contact angle.

Lubricant: contact angle between lubricant/material, influence of surfactants on the wettability

TRACKER™ modules


TRACKER™ Dense Phase Exchange module

A double pump exchanges the liquid in the cuvette by another liquid while keeping the volume of the drop or bubble constant. The phase exchange can be automated or controlled manually. All regulations can be carried out during phase exchange.

TRACKER™ Drop Phase Exchange module
A double injection system exchanges the liquid or gas in the drop or bubble by another liquid or gas while keeping the volume of the drop or bubble constant. All types of measurements can be performed during phase exchange.

Drop tensiometer automatic CMC


An Automated  critical micelle concentration measurement system is added to TRACKER™ standard. A second injection system allows to measure up to 4 solutions of different concentrations. The injected volume and concentration are determined by an algorithm that calculates the concentration steps in order to optimise the accuracy of the CMC determination. The drop volume control allows the volume of the drop to be automatically adjusted according to the concentration.

Piezoelectric ceramic for interfacial rheology with High frequency oscillations

TRACKER™ Piezoelectric module
A piezoelectric ceramic is added to TRACKER™ standard to achieve an oscillation frequency up to 10 Hz.

pressure cell 200°C/200bars for Surface tension, contact angle and interfacial rheology measurements

TRACKER™ Pressure Cell 200°C/200bars
A removable Pressure Cell for High Temperature and High Pressure measurements can be adapted to TRACKER™ standard. All measurements with pendant drop or rising drop, sessile drop or capture bubble can be performed.

pressure sensor to measure Laplace pressure inside the bubble

TRACKER™ Pressure Sensor

The sensor measures the hydrostatic pressure above the bubble in liquid or the pressure of a bubble of air in air (soap bubble). The pressure sensor is a good tool to characterize that a membrane has formed at the surface and that the interface is no more “liquid”. Combined with the piezoelectric cell, the Pressure sensor is also used to measure surface tension at High frequency oscillations.

Pendant or Rising drop

Measurements overview

measurements overview.png

Sessile drop and captive bubble

Measurements overview

Measurement overview.png

TRACKER™ measurements overview

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