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Pile de pilules
Life Sciences


  • Design of echogenic microbubbles

  • Stability of protein drug products

  • Dye localization – Intracellular transfer

  • Peptides to target glioblastoma cells

  • Delivery system for poorly soluble drugs

  • Medical Microbubble Formation Using Fluorocarbon Gas

Life Sciences


  • Temperature sensitive drug delivery system

  • stability of oil in water emulsions in the presence of yeast

  • influence of non-ionic surfactant on lipid digestion of gum Arabic

  • behavior of emulsions during in vitro digestion

  • impacts of fish oils on the digestion

protein-protein interactions.jpg
Life Sciences


  • Surfactant-Mediated Protein Stabilization

  • Ability of proteins to penetrate an interface

  • Nanoparticles / Proteins Interactions

Life Sciences

Lipid droplets

  • Functionalizing nano emulsion to enhance drug delivery

  • Neutral lipids regulate amphipathic helix affinity for model lipid droplets

Drogues et Seringue
Life Sciences


  • Behavior of proteins during interfacial pressure variations

  • Interface building using a post-insertion procedure

  • Behavior of an Adsorbed Phospholipid Monolayer

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