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A Great French-German scientific Team!

We had the pleasure of welcoming Miss Kerstin Risse from TU Berlin to TECLIS in France.

Miss Kerstin Risse, a dedicated Research Associate at TU Berlin, joined us for a rewarding 3-month period to delve into her research project. Her main objective was to explore protein-phospholipid interactions and replacement dynamics at oil-water interfaces, seeking a deeper understanding of the destabilization mechanisms in dairy products and dairy substitutes, with the view to enhance their process stability.

During her time with us, Miss Kerstin Risse was able to use the extended functionalities of the TRACKER™: interfacial rheology, phase exchange in the dense phase, phase exchange in the drop and interfacial tension measurement under pressure. The equipment played a pivotal role in her research endeavors.

Throughout her stay, Miss Kerstin Risse received invaluable support and guidance from Dr. Jean-Luc Bridot, who ensured her research progress was smooth and productive. This collaborative effort fostered a stimulating environment for experiment designs and innovative ideas.

Overall, the time spent with Miss Kerstin Risse was a fantastic opportunity for knowledge exchange and fruitful research collaboration.

We look forward to future partnerships! Feel free to contact us!

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