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Join us on SoFiA Project online Workshop

The Workshop will be broadcasted live on official Youtube Channel of Wasabi Innovations ( and the official Facebook Page of Sofia Tech Park (

Day 1: Nov 3rd, 10:30 AM Eastern European time (9:30AM CET)

  1. Welcome Note and description of the Workshop: Indra 10 mins

  2. Introduction to the SoFiA project and an overview on Artificial Photosynthesis and Solar Fuels: Leif Hammarström (Uppsala U) 20 min

  3. Project overview and critical aspects of FET grant writing: Indraneel Sen (Uppsala U) 20 mins

  4. Polymer nanodots for photocatalysis: Haining Tian (Uppsala U) 20 mins

  5. Artificial Photosynthesis in Liposomes: Sylvestre Bonnet (U Leiden) 20 mins

  6. Soap foam analysis using Teclis Instruments: Yousra Timounay (Teclis Scientific France) 20 mins

Day 2: Nov 4th , 3PM Eastern European Time (2PM CET)

  1. Artificial Photosynthesis with molecularly-engineered materials: Erwin Reisner (U Cambridge) 20 mins

  2. Spectroscopy of surfactant decorated water surface by SFG technique: Huib Bakker /Rahul Gera (AMOLF) 20 min

  3. Modelling soap film at atomistic scales : Ali Hassanali (ICTP Trieste) 20 min

  4. Current challenges in multi-scale modelling characterizes by disparate time and space scales: Eliodoro Chiavazzo (Politecnico di Torino) 20 min

  5. Modelling soap film at meso and macro scales: Gabriele Falciani, Luca Bergamasco (POLITO) 20 mins

  6. The social and economic aspect of collaborative interdisciplinary research (SoFiA Case Study): Alessandra Colombelli (Politecnico di Torino) 20 min


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